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  Jahan Part: Engineering and Commercial Company

Relying on academic qualification and observing common engineering principles and standards
(ASTM/ASME/ASNE/DIN), Faraz Pishegan-e Damavand Engineering, has been established in
order to offer engineering services and supply industrial goods in oil, gas, petrochemical, power plant, water and sewage industrial and factories.


Some of the capabilities of this Company are supply of goods in accordance with purchase timetables and delivery of goods in due data in accordance with principles of business based on cost control and management. Relying on academic – experimental qualification and existing expertise, this Company is able to offer the engineering-consultation services regarding choosing a suitable product and fulfillment of the requirement of in section and quality control in all phases of a project in order to meet the satisfaction of customers and employers so that it can fulfill the requirements of the customers.

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